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Thomas Henry Bath is Born

Today in Masonic History Thomas Henry Bath is born in 1875.

Thomas Henry Bath was an Australian politician and labor leader.

Bath was born in Hill End, New South Wales which is part of the Blue Mountains on February 21st, 1875.

In 1896, Bath began working as a miner in Western Australia Goldfields. There he was involved in the founding of the Amalgamated Workers' Association.

In 1898, Bath was asked to head the local chapter of the Knights of Labor. The Knights of Labor was a labor organization based in the United States starting in the 1880. Their philosophy was a social organization promoting the welfare of it's working class members. Of note the organization advocated for the 8 hour work day.

In 1900, Bath, who had no formal training in writing, became the editor of the Westrailian Worker. A socialist publication described as "A journal devoted to the interest of trade unionism, co-operation and labor in politics".

From 1902 to 1914 Bath served as a member of the Western Australian Legislative Assembly. During this time he served as the Minister of Education. Bath was also involved with the establishment of the University of Western Australia.

Bath passed away on November 6th, 1956.

Bath was an active Freemason and leading member in Western Australia. He was involved in the founding of Lodge Bonnie Doon No. 839.