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TODAY in Masonic History:

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Brotherly Love

Today in Masonic History we present Brotherly Love by Robert Morris.

By one God created, by one Savior saved,
By one Spirit lighted, by one Mark engraved,
We're taught in the wisdom our Spirits approve,
To cherish the Spirit of Brotherly Love,
Love, Love, Brotherly Love -
This world has no spirit like Brotherly love.

In the land or the stranger we Masons abide,
In forest, in quarry, on Lebanon's side;
Yon temple we're building, the plan's from above,
And we labor supported by Brotherly Love.

Though the service be hard, and the wages be scant,
If the Master accept It, our hearts are content;
The prize that we toil for, we'll have It above,
When the Temple's completed, in Brotherly Love.

Yes, yes, though the week may be long, it will end,-
Though the temple be lofty, The KEY-STONE will stand;
And the Sabbath, blest day, every thought will remove,
Save the memory fraternal or Brotherly Love.

By one God created,-come, brothers, 'tis day
By one SPIRIT lighted-come, brothers, away!
With Beauty, and Wisdom, and Strength to approve,
Let's toil while there's labor in Brotherly Love.