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TODAY in Masonic History:

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St. John's Day

Today in Masonic History it is St. John's Day.

The Nativity (sometimes feast) of St. John the Baptist occurs near the Summer Equinox. St. John the Baptist is one of the two St. Johns referred to in Masonic ritual. The other St. John being St. John the Evangelist.

Today we present the below poem by Brother Robert Morris.

Song for St. John's Day

Ended now the Mason's labors,
Past the travel and the toil;
Gather in ye loving :neighbors,
Share the Com, the Wine, the Oil:
Brethren now, of each degree,
Come in harmony and glee;
Happy meeting,
Gentle greeting,
'Tis the joy of Masonry.

Spirits of the blest departed,
As on earthly ways they roam.
Where are met the faithful-hearted.
They to share our labors come;
Though their forms we cannot see
They are here with you and me.

Love unites us with its cement;
Truth inspires the Masons' breast;
Ever faithful, ever clement,
Thus our doctrines we attest.
Thus we come of each degree,
Come In harmony and glee;.
Happy meeting,
Gentle greeting,
Tis the joy of Masonry.