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TODAY in Masonic History:

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The Strait and Narrow Way

Today in Masonic History we present The Strait and Narrow Way by Robert Morris.

We Masons walk along a road
Narrow and rugged, strait and rough,
But way-marks are laid down by God,
Whose discipline and rules afford
Guidance upon the road enough.

At every step we're called to warn
Some halting, erring, fainting friend;
Some pilgrim from the road will turn
In paths forbidden - slow to learn
What sufferings such sins attend.
The poisonous cup allures the most,
Alas, what havoc has it made!
What noble hearts therein are lost!
But few retrace of all the host
Who in this dangerous path have strayed.

The lust of flesh,-the speech profane,
The tattling tongue,-the thievish hand.
The greed that craves unholy galn,-
And Sabbath-breach and murder-stain,
Alas, the errings of our band!

At every step we're called to aid
The fallen of misfortune's host;
The sick, in withering bondage laid,
The mourner, sorrowing by his dead,
The aged, destitute and lost.

Each way-mark set by Hand Divine
Yet points unerring to the end,-
And we who seek life's crown to win
Must shun the glittering lures or Sin,
And the sure voice of God attend.

Our Master thus we'll represent;
He walked in innocence life's road;
To humbleness strange beauty lent,
In deeds of ceaseless mercy bent,
And gave to man the grace of God!

Departing to His Lodge above
Thus to our willing hearts he said
Your faith by deeds of mercy prove,
Live in full exercise of love,
And I will take you from the dead