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Tony Lauer was born

Today in Masonic History Tony Lauer was born in 1935.

Tony Lauer was part of Australian law enforcement.

Lauer attended the University of Sydney, Australian Police Staff College in Manly, New South Wales and attended the Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I.) Academy in Quantico, Virgina.

Lauer served in a variety of roles in his forty one years with New South Wales Force. He served as a General Duty Officer, Traffic Patrol Cyclist and in a wide range of criminal investigative duties.

Lauer was also appointed Chief Superintendent in Charge, Criminal Investigation Branch; Assistant Commissioner, Professional Responsibility and Deputy Commissioner, State Commander.

In March of 1991 Lauer became the Commissioner of Police. Four years later the Wood Royal Commission was formed. The purpose of the Commission was to determine if corruption and misconduct in the New South Wales Police force were "systemic and entrenched".

In 1995 Lauer came out with a statement that corruption and misconduct was not systemic or entrenched. He came out with a document outlining for the commission areas where he felt corruption did not exist. Unfortunately one of the units that he declared as "corruption free" turned out to be the most egregious unit for corruption.

In 1996 Lauer's continuation as the Police Commissioner became untenable and he resigned from the force.

After that the Wood Royal Commission would be accused of being two heavy handed and removed some officers years after the alleged minor incidents happened.

Lauer was the Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory.