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Masonic Auld Lang Syne

Today in Masonic History we present Masonic Auld Lang Syne by Robert Morris.

This poem is a variation of the original Auld Lang Syne poem written by another Mason Robert Burns.

We do not sigh for pleasures put,
Nor fondly, vainly pine;
Yet let us give one memory
To Auld Lang Syne.

With Gavel, Trowel, Gauge, we work,
With Level, Square, and Line;
Come, Join the Chain of Love, and sing
Of Auld Lang Syne!
For Auld Lang Syne, my dear,
For Auld Lang Syne;
Ah, who like us can sing the days
Of Auld Lang Syne!

'Twas sweet when evening's shadow's fell
How bright our Lights did shine!
Down from the East to hear the words
Of Auld Lang Syne.

The 'Prentice knocked with trembling hand,
The Craft sought Oil and Wine,
The Master stood, and nobly fell,
In Auld Lang Syne.

With step so true, with form upright,
We drew the Grand Design;
'Twas well we knew "to square the work,"
In Auld Lang Syne.

A tear to them, The Early Dead,
Fond memory would consign:
We dropped the green sprig o'er their head,
In Auld Lang Syne.

And till the Master call us hence
To join the Lodge Divine,
Let's somertimes give a grateful thought
To Auld Lang Syne!