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TODAY in Masonic History:

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The Broken Column

Today in Masonic History we present The Broken Column by Robert Morris.

"His work was not done, yet his column is broken;"
Mourn ye and weep, for ye cherished his worth;
Let every tear-drop be sympathy'a token -
Lost to the Brotherhood, lost to the earth.

His Work had been planned by a Wisdom Supernal;
Strength had been given him meet for the same;
Down in the midst he is fallen, and vernal
Leaves hang above him and whisper his fame.

His work was to Build; on the walls we beheld him,-
Swiftly and truly they rose 'neath his hand;
Envious death with bis Gavel has felled him,
Plumb-line and Trowel are strewn o'er the land.

His Work thus unfinished to us is entrusted;
Master of Masons, give strength, we entreat,
Bravely to work with these Implements rusted,
Wisely to build tlll the Temple's complete!