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James Henry Cecil Hozier, 2nd Baron Newlands is Born

Today in Masonic History James Henry Cecil Hozier, 2nd Baron Newlands is born in 1851.

James Henry Cecil Hozier, 2nd Baron Newlands was a Scottish diplomat and politician.

Hozier was born at Tannochside House, Lanarkshire. He was educated at Eton College and Balliol College, Oxford.

By 1874, Hozier had obtained a posting with the British Foreign Service. This was a position he obtained through a competitive exam.

Two years later Hozier was appointed acting Secretary in the Diplomatic Service. It was in this role that Hozier accompanied the Marquess of Salisbury to the Constantinople Conference. The Constantinople Conference was a meeting of British, Russian, French, German, Austria-Hungary and Italian delegates to discuss changes in the Bosnian and former Ottoman areas after the Herzegovina Rebellion. Hozier would be with Salisbury at the conference for a year.

In 1878, Hozier was made private secretary to Salisbury while Salisbury was serving as Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs. He would serve in the position until 1880. Hozier would again serve as the private secretary to Salisbury when Salisbury was the Prime Minister. Hozier would serve as secretary for one year.

In 1885, Hozier tried to run for Parliament from Lanarkshire. He would be unsuccessful in his first run. He ran again in 1886 and would successfully win the seat by 18 votes. He would win 4 more consecutive elections with an ever widening margin. He would leave parliament in 1906

In 1910, Hozier was Brigadier of the Royal Company of Archers. The Royal Company of Archers is a ceremonial unit that serves as the Sovereign's Bodyguard in Scotland.

In 1917, Hozier received the Freedom of the City of Glasgow. The Freedom of the City is the highest honor that can be given by the municipality. It is given as a tribute of respect.

Hozier was the Grand Master of Masons in Scotland from 1899-1903.