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Raimund Leopold first child of Mozart is born

Today in Masonic history Raimund Leopold first child of Mozart is born in 1783.

Raimund was the first child of Mozart and his wife Constanze. Unfortunately Raimund only survived to a few months. He would be the first of 6 children Constanze would give birth to, only 2 would survive past infancy.

Mozart himself was a mason. He was initiated in Viennese Masonic lodge called "Zur Wohltätigkeit" ("Beneficence") on 14 December 1784. He was passed and raised in the same lodge in 1785.

Mozart attended the meetings of another lodge, called "Zur wahren Eintracht" ("True Concord"). It was said that the "Zur wahren Eintracht" lodge was "the largest and most aristocratic in Vienna. ... Mozart, as the best of the musical 'Brothers,' was welcome in all the lodges." The Lodge was headed by the naturalist Ignaz von Born.

Mozart's own lodge "Zur Wohltätigkeit" was consolidated with two others in December of 1785, under the Imperial reform of Masonry (the Freimaurerpatent, "Masonic Decree") of 11 December 1785, and thus Mozart came to belong to the lodge called "Zur Neugekrönten Hoffnung" (New Crowned Hope).

At least as far as surviving Masonic documents can tell us, Mozart was well regarded by his fellow Masons. Many of his friends were Masons.

During his visit to Vienna in 1785, Mozart's father Leopold also became a Mason.