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Hubert Eaton Passes Away

Today in Masonic History Hubert Eaton passes away in 1966.

Hubert Eaton was an American businessman.

Eaton was born in Liberty, Missouri on June 3rd, 1881. After attending local schools, William Jewell College also in Liberty. He would graduate in 1902 with a Bachelor of Arts.

After graduation, Eaton would become the assistant chief chemist at the Boston & Montana Consolidated Copper Company in Great Falls, Montana. He would become chief metallurgical chemist at the Tezuiltan Copper Company of Mexico. He would also be the manager of the Adaven Mining & Smelting Company in Nevada.

In 1912, Eaton moved to California to manage the sales of burial plots for Forest Lawn Cemetery. In 1917, Eaton conceived of a "memorial-park" a place that was respectful of the departed, while still being a place where the living would want to visit. Forest Lawn Cemetery would be renamed to Forest Lawn Memorial-Park in Glendale.

During Eaton's life he would gather art for his memorial parks. He would open in his lifetime, Hollywood Hills, Forest Lawn Memorial-Park Cypress, and Forest Lawn Memorial-Park Covina Hills. Forest Lawn Memorial-Park Covina Hills would become a funeral and/or interment place for the stars. The beautiful chapels that Eaton would build on the properties would also attract couples looking to be married. Of note, Ronald Reagan married his first wife, Jane Wyman, at the Glendale location.

For the parks, Eaton collected various pieces of art. He would gain a reputation as a serious art collector.

Eaton passed away on September 20th, 1966.

Eaton was a member of Euclid Lodge No. 58 in Great Falls, Montana. He was a member of York Rite and a member of the Noble and Mystic Shrine.