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Nicanor Abelardo

 Born February 7, 1893 - Died March 21, 1934

Nicanor Abelardo was a Filipino composer.

Abelardo was born in San Miguel de Mayumo, Bulacan.

Abelardo was introduced to music at the age of 5. His father taught him solfeggio, a method of sight reading music for singing, and the banduria, a stringed instrument from Spain.

Abelardo's music career quickly followed. He composed his first piece, a waltz he dedicated to his grandmother, at the age of 8. At 13 he was playing saloons and cabarets in Manila. At the age of 15 he was teaching music at a local school.

In 1916, Abelardo was attending the University of the Philippines Conservatory of Music. He would graduate in 1921 with a teaching certificate in science and composition. In 1924, Abelardo would be named the head of the Conservatory.

Later in his career, Abelardo would run a boarding school for young musicians.

Abelardo's composition would redefine the kundiman, a genre of traditional Filipino love songs.

Abelardo would pass away in 1934 at the of 41. He would leave behind a collection of more than 140 works.

Abelardo was a member of Luzon Lodge No. 57 in the Philippines.