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Heartley William

 Born September 22, 1898 - Died April 24, 1978

Heartley William Hunk Anderson was an American Football player and coach.

Anderson played football for Notre Dame under the coach Knute Rockne From 1918 to 1921 where he played guard.

Between 1922 and 1926 Anderson played for Cleveland Indians and Chicago Bears.

Anderson began his coaching career coaching college teams starting in 1928. Anderson coached for Saint Louis University, University of Notre Dame and North Carolina State University. In his college coaching career he attained a record of 34-34-4.

Anderson entered the pros as a coach in 1939 coaching the Detroit Lions. In 1942 he would become the coach of the Chicago Bears. By the time he would end his career with the bears in 1945 he would have a record of 24-12.

Anderson was a member of Calumet Lodge No. 271 in Calument, Michigan.