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Prince Edward, Duke of York and Albany

 Born March 25, 1739 - Died September 17, 1767

Prince Edward, Duke of York and Albany was a member of the British Royal Family.

Prince Edward was born on March 25th, 1739 and baptized Edward Augustus. As a boy he was the constant companion of his older brother the future King George III. Prince Edward and his brother spent most of their youth being educated. They received an education in Latin, German, Greek and other European languages. They were also schooled in mathematics, writing, religion and for good measure to make them well rounded, dancing.

Unlike his brother George, Prince Edward was an outgoing and social young men. Those who knew Edward described him as silly, frivolous, a chatter-box, someone who loved a good practical joke and someone who did not keep the most upright company.

Edward showed an interest in naval matters and became a member of the Royal Navy. In 1858 he participated in the Naval "Descents", a tactic to distract the French fleet so the German fleet was able to better position themselves. He rose to the rank of Vice-Admiral of the Blue in 1762.

Prince Edward was named the Duke of York and Albany and Earl of Ulster by his paternal grandfather George II in 1760 while he was serving in the Royal Navy. Later the same year, Edward's older brother became King George III. After ascending to the throne, Edwards brother named him a privy counselor.

In 1762 James Boswell dedicated a poem, "The Cub at Newmarket". The two men had met in 1760 on Boswell's first visit to London at the Newmarket Races. The Dedication was done with out Edward's permission and was more of a jab at the Prince rather then honor.

Prince Edward passed away on September 17th, 1767.

Prince Edward was initiated into the Lodge of Friendship (Later renamed to the Royal York Lodge of Friendship), in Berlin Germany on July 27, 1765.