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Thomas Lowry

 Born January 6, 1888 - Died November 2, 1946

Thomas Lowry Bailey was an American politician.

Bailey began his political career when he was elected to the Mississippi House of Representatives in 1915. He would serve in the House of Representatives until 1940.

During Bailey's time in the House of Representatives he would be part of a small but powerful group of lawmakers known as the Big Four. Bailey and the other members of the Big Four, would hold key committee chairmanships and would virtually control all of legislation during the two to three decades they were serving.

In 1939 Bailey would run unsuccessfully for the office of Governor. In 4 years he would try again and be elected as the 48th Governor of the state of Mississippi

During Bailey's term as governor he would develop roads and ways to help farmers sell their product and a four year medical school would be established at the University of Mississippi.