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Andrew Adams

 Born January 7, 1736 - Died November 26, 1797

Andrew Adams was an American lawyer, jurist and politician.

Adams was born in Stratford, Connecticut. The son of a lawyer, Adams attended Yale university and 1760. He would practice law with his father in Stamford.

In 1772 he was appointed king's attorney for Litchfield County.

Right before the American Revolution, Adams was a member of Connecticut's Committee of Safety. He would serve in Connecticut's House of Representatives and was it's speaker for two of the years he served.

Adams was appointed to the Second Continental Congress in 1779 and was one of the signers of the Articles of Confederation.

On returning to Connecticut, Adams became an associate justice on the Connecticut Supreme Court. In 1793 Adams was advanced to the position of Chief Justice of the Connecticut Supreme Court. He would serve in that position until his death.

Adams was a member of St. Paul's Lodge No. 11 in Litchfield, Connecticut.