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Edgar Mitchell

 Born September 17, 1930 - Died

Edgar Mitchell is an American Naval Officer, aviator, test pilot, aeronautical engineer, parapsychologist, and NASA astronaut.

Mitchell became a Naval pilot in 1954 after completing Officer Candidate School the year before in Rhode Island. After serving in Okinawa and on two US aircraft carriers, Mitchell was accepted by NASA in 1966.

Mitchell was a backup Lunar Module pilot on Apollo 10. He served as Lunar Module pilot on Apollo 14. In 1971 Apollo 14 landed on the moon in the Fra Mauro Highlands region of the lunar surface. He became the 6th person to walk on the lunar surface.

Mitchell has a strong belief in the Paranormal. On his return trip from the moon in 1971 he conducted experiments in ESP with friends on Earth. He has also made strong claims about the existence of aliens and the authenticity of the Roswell UFO incident. At one point he made reference to a "cabal of government insiders" hiding the truth about the Roswell incident. He has since made it clear that was his own speculation.

In his youth Mitchell was a Boy Scout and a member of the Order of DeMolay. He was inducted into the DeMolay hall of fame.

Edgar Mitchell is a member of Artesia Lodge #29 in New Mexico.