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1. Francis Bischof 2. John Lawrence Baird 1st Viscount of Stonehaven3. James Hamilton 1st Duke of Abercorn4. Prince Alexander of Orange
5. George Murray 6th Duke of Atholl6. Alexander I of Russia7. James Hamilton 2nd Duke of Abercorn8. John Stewart-Murray 8th Duke of Atholl
9. Agustín de Agustine I of Mexico Iturbide 10. Thomas John Barnardo 11. Prince Albert Victor Duke of Clarence and Avondale12. Harold R.L.G. Alexander 1st Viscount of Tunis
13. Harold John Arthur 14. Johann John Johnny The Giant Aasen 15. Prince Edward Duke of York and Albany16. Alexander I of Yugoslavia
17. Henry Somerset 5th Duke of Beaufort18. John Murray 3rd Duke of Atholl19. Will Croft Barnes 20. John Elway
21. John Bidwell 22. John Auldjo 23. John Paul Jones 24. John Hancock
25. John Archer Lejeune 26. John Hollis Bankhead 27. John Alec Entwistle 28. John Creppes Wickliffe Beckham
29. John Molson 30. John Black 31. John James Audubon 32. John Zuinglius Jack Anderson
33. John Ora Bailey 34. John Arbuthnot 35. John H. Bartlett 36. John Jacob Astor
37. John Armstrong Jr. 38. John James Beckley 39. John Stewart Battle 40. John Edgar Hoover
41. John Allen 3rd Viscount42. John Beatty 43. John L. Bates 44. John Arthur Jack Johnson
45. John Wayne 46. John L. Barstow 47. Don Miguel Ricardo de Álava y Esquivel , Order of Santiago, Order of Charles III, KCV, MWO48. John Judson Bagley
49. John Charles Black 50. John Valentine Beamer 51. John Barry 52. John Murray
53. John Joseph Caldwell Abbott 54. John Bigler 55. John Steinbeck 56. John C. Ainsworth
57. John Herschel Glenn Jr. 58. Cadwallader Blayney 9th Baron of Blyney59. Admiral of the Fleet Sir Lucius Curtis 60. Andrew Johnson
61. Carol II King of Romania62. Cecil John Rhodes 63. Charles Kennedy 16th Earl of Cassillis and 5th Marquess of Ailsa64. Charles XIII of Sweden
65. Christoffel Brand 66. John William Colonel Harrelson 67. John Duncan Macrae 68. Edward Bootle-Wilbraham 1st Earl of Lathom
69. Edward John Hutchins 70. Edward VII King of Britain71. Edward VIII King of Britain72. Francis Edward Rawdon-Hastings 1st Marquess of Hastings
73. Frederick the Great King of Prussia74. Geoffrey Fisher 75. George IV King of Britain76. George VI King of Britain
77. John Howard Coble 78. James Hamilton 7th Earl of Abercorn79. James St. Clair-Erskine 80. Johann Zoffany
81. John Alexander Macdonald 82. John Bayne Maclean 83. John Bell 84. John Bell
85. John Blair Jr. 86. John Boyd Dunlop 87. John Brown (Abolitionist) 88. John Brown Gordon
89. John Campbell 90. John Cook 91. John D. Kennedy 92. John D. Sloat
93. John David Eaton 94. John Diefenbaker 95. John Duncan 96. John H. Clarke
97. John Henry Lawrence Phillips 98. John Hunt Morgan 99. John J. Kennedy 100. John J. Pershing
101. John J. Robinson 102. John Jay 103. John Jellicoe 104. John Keiller MacKay
105. John Lambton 106. John Loudon McAdam 107. John Louis Taylor 108. John M. Harlan
109. John Marshall 110. John McDouall Stuart 111. John McLean 112. John Northcott
113. John Page 114. John Penn 115. John Philip Sousa 116. John Pintard
117. John Poulson 118. John Rutledge 119. John Sidney McCain Jr. 120. John S. McCain Sr.
121. John S. Tanner 122. John Soane 123. John Swett 124. John Thomas Kennedy
125. John Theophilus Desaguliers 126. John Tipton 127. John Ward 128. John Wilkes
129. John Winthrop Hackett 130. John Yarker 131. Leopold I King of Belgium132. Lyndon B. Johnson
133. Mihailo Obrenović III Prince of Serbia134. Pedro I of Brazil135. Peter I of Serbia136. Prince Michael of Kent
137. Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh138. Robert St. Clair-Erskine 139. Sir John Gorton 140. Stephen Johnson Field
141. Thomas Howard 3rd Earl of Effingham142. Jack Turkey Creek Johnson 143. William Boyd 4th Earl of Kilmarnock144. William IV King of Britain
145. John Nicholas Ringling 146. John W. Abercrombie 147. Sholto Charles Douglas 15th Earl of Morton148. John Adams
149. John Quincy Adams 150. John T. Adams 151. Adolph Friedrich IV Duke of Mecklemburg-Strelitz152. John S. Africa
153. Casimir August Albert Duke of Saxony-Teschen154. John L. Alexander 155. John S. Allard 156. John E. Allen
157. John M. Allen 158. John Frederick Amelung 159. John Henry Eaton 160. John Dunlap
161. John Quincy Adams Fellows 162. John Frederick Hartranft 163. David Johnson 164. John Comeby Wilson Austin
165. John Franklin Home Run Baker 166. John Earl Fetzer 167. John Horatio Derby 168. Samuel Johnson Crawford
169. John Peter Shindel Gobin 170. John Brougham 171. Alexander Colville 7th Lord Colville of Culross172. John Geronald Claybourn
173. John M. Pattison 174. John Stuchell Fisher 175. John Baptiste Fournet 176. John Christoph Blucher Ehringhaus
177. Royal Cleaves Johnson 178. John Brown 179. John William Bricker 180. John Holmes Overton Sr.
181. John Hartwell Cocke II 182. John Ahyonwaeghs Brant 183. John Gregg 184. John Gary Evans
185. Jr. John Branch 186. James John Davis 187. Charles Radclyffe 5th Earl of Derwentwater

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1. John Sidney "Slew" McCain Sr.

John Sidney "Slew" McCain Sr. was an American naval officer.

2. John Arthur "Jack" Johnson

John Arthur "Jack" Johnson was an American boxer.

3. Lyndon Baines Johnson

Lyndon Baines Johnson was an American politician and 36th President of the United States.

4. Feast of St. John the Evangelist

The Feast of St. John the Evangelist is celebrated annually on December 27th and marks the mid-winter.

5. The Man who would be King

The Law, as quoted, lays down a fair conduct of life, and one not easy to follow. I have been fellow to a beggar again and again under circumstances which prevented either of us finding out whether the other was worthy. I have still to be broth to a Prince, though I once came near to kinship with what might have been a veritable King, and was promised the reversion of a Kingdom—army, law-courts, revenue, and policy all complete. But, today, I greatly fear that my King is dead, and if I want a crown I must go hunt it for myself.

6. The Feast of Saint John the Baptist

Freemasonry reveres two Saints John. Saint John the Baptist and Saint John the Evangelist. The Feast of Saint John the Evangelist is on December 27th each year.

7. Royal Cleaves Johnson

Royal Cleaves Johnson was an American politician.

8. David Johnson

David Johnson was an American politician.

9. Johan Zoffany

Johan Zoffany was a German painter.

10. John Branch, Jr

John Branch, Jr was an American politician.

11. Edwin Thomas Booth

Edwin Thomas Booth was an American actor.

12. John Joseph Caldwell Abbott

John Joseph Caldwell Abbott was a Canadian politician and lawyer.

13. John Bigler

John Bigler was an American Lawyer, politician and diplomat.

14. John Wayne

John Wayne was an American actor.

15. Point within the Circle

The point within a circle is a common symbol used in Freemasonry.

16. Joseph Rudyard Kipling

Joseph Rudyard Kipling was a British writer.

17. The Song of St. John

In the poem there is no indication whether it is written for St. John the Evangelist or the Baptist. Regardless, today is the Feast of St. John the Evangelist.

18. Clandestine Masonry

Clandestine Masonry is a term that is used in masonry to describe a Grand Lodge, lodge or individual that is not regular or recognized, often just referred to as clandestine.

19. Jacob Collamer

Jacob Collamer was an American politician.

20. St. John's Day

The Nativity (sometimes feast) of St. John the Baptist occurs near the Summer Equinox. St. John the Baptist is one of the two St. Johns referred to in Masonic ritual. The other St. John being St. John the Evangelist.

21. James Holley "Jim" Douglas

James Holley "Jim" Douglas is an American politician.

22. Edmund Gibson Ross

Edmund Gibson Ross was an American politician.

23. Coleman Alexander Young

Coleman Alexander Young was an American politician.

24. John Paul Jones

John Paul Jones was a Scottish-born American sailor.

25. Pavlov and the Great Lights

The Great Lights of masonry are the Volume of Sacred Law (VSL), the Square and Compasses.

26. John Barry

John Barry was an Irish-born American naval officer.

27. Thomas Smith Webb

Thomas Smith Webb was an American author and founder of the York or American Rite.

28. Branch Rickey

Branch Rickey was an American Baseball and Football player and Baseball executive.

29. John Sidney McCain, Jr.

John Sidney McCain, Jr. was an American admiral.

30. Earl Warren

Earl Warren was an American politician and jurist.

31. Robert Sengstacke

Robert Sengstacke Abbott was an American Lawyer and News Paper Publisher.

32. John Marshall

John Marshall was an American politician and jurist.

33. John Louis Taylor

John Louis Taylor was an American jurist and politician.

34. Louis Lincoln Emmerson

Louis Lincoln Emmerson was an American politician.

35. John Alexander Macdonald

John Alexander Macdonald was a Canadian Politician.

36. Warren Gamaliel Harding

Warren Gamaliel Harding was an American politician and 29th President of the United States.

37. Wayne Norviel Aspinall

Wayne Norviel Aspinall was an American lawyer and politician.

38. John Penn

John Penn was the last colonial governor of Pennsylvania.

39. Karl Friedrich Bahrdt

Karl Friedrich Bahrdt was a German unorthodox theologian.

40. Theodorus Bailey

Theodorus Bailey was an American naval officer.

41. Thomas Bibb

Thomas Bibb was an American politician.

42. William Angus Sutherland

William Angus Sutherland was an American politician, attorney and banker.

43. George Horatio Derby

George Horatio Derby was an American soldier and humorist.

44. John Hollis

John Hollis Bankhead is an American politician. He was a member of the Democratic Party and a U.S. Senator from the state of Alabama.

45. John David Eaton

John David Eaton was a Canadian businessman.

46. John Bell

John Bell was an American politician.

47. Carl Bert Albert

Carl Bert Albert was an American politician.

48. William Woods Holden

William Woods Holden was an American politician.

49. Douglas Lloyd Campbell

Douglas Lloyd Campbell was a Canadian politician.

50. Apolinario Mabini

Apolinario Mabini y Maranan was a Filipino revolutionary.

51. Edwin Porch Morrow

Edwin Porch Morrow was an American politician.

52. James Edward "Pa" Ferguson Jr.

James Edward "Pa" Ferguson Jr. was an American politician.

53. Joseph "Joe" Lane

Joseph "Joe" Lane was an American politician.

54. Harry Guyer Leslie

Harry Guyer Leslie was an American politician.

55. John Henry Eaton

John Henry Eaton was an American politician.

56. John Dunlap

John Dunlap was an Irish-born American printer.

57. Virgil Ivan "Gus" Grissom

Virgil Ivan "Gus" Grissom was an American astronaut.

58. Alexander Roberts Dunn

Alexander Roberts Dunn was a Canadian soldier.

59. Pat Morris Neff

Pat Morris Neff was an American politician.

60. Carl Edward Bailey

Carl Edward Bailey was an American politician.

61. Joseph Robinson Bodwell

Joseph Robinson Bodwell was an American politician.

62. John Loudon McAdam

John Loudon McAdam was a Scottish engineer.

63. William Gaston

William Gaston was an American politician.

64. Polydore de Keyser

Polydore de Keyser was a Belgian-born English politician.

65. Albert Baird Cummins

Albert Baird Cummins was an American politician.

66. Mason or Not?

In the course of writing the articles for this site we have come upon some interesting tid bits when it comes to researching the individuals we write about.

67. Daniel Gould Fowle

Daniel Gould Fowle was an American politician.

68. Anton Joseph "Tony" Cermak

Anton Joseph "Tony" Cermak was a Austria-Hungary born American politician.

69. John Earl Fetzer

John Earl Fetzer was an American businessman.

70. Cecil John Rhodes

Cecil John Rhodes a British businessman and politician.

71. John Blair Jr.

John Blair Jr. was an American jurist and founding father.

72. Duncan Upshaw Fletcher

Duncan Upshaw Fletcher was an American politician.

73. Lester Callaway Hunt, Sr.

Lester Callaway Hunt, Sr. was an American politician.

74. Harold John Arthur

Harold John Arthur was an American politician.

75. Theodore M. Berry

Theodore M. Berry was an American politician and Civil Rights leader.

76. John Brown

John Brown was an American politician.

77. Innovation in Freemasonry

Innovation within Freemasonry can be something of a dirty word. It conjures up thoughts of changing how a lodge functions from the comfortable, and often ineffective, processes that the lodge has been using for generations. Quite often someone will point to the idea that "it is no man's power to make innovations in the system of Freemasonry."

78. Arleigh Albert Burke

Arleigh Albert Burke was an American Admiral in the United States Navy.

79. John Geronald Claybourn

John Geronald Claybourn was a civil engineer.

80. John Theophilus Desaguliers

John Theophilus Desaguliers was a French-born British natural philosopher and clergyman.

81. George Edward Pickett

George Edward Pickett was an American soldier and confederate general.

82. Samuel Langhorne Clemens

Samuel Langhorne Clemens was an American author and humorist.

83. John Bidwell

John Bidwell was an American politician and pioneer.

84. John James Audubon

John James Audubon was a French-born American naturalist.

85. John Drake Sloat

John Drake Sloat was an American naval officer.

86. Edward Neville

Edward Neville da Costa Andrade was a British physicist, poet and writer.

87. Denton True "Cy" Young

Denton True "Cy" Young was an American baseball player.

88. William Crosby

William Crosby Dawson was an American lawyer, judge, solider and politician.

89. James Buchanan

James Buchanan Jr. was an American President.

90. John Brown

John Brown was an American abolitionist.

91. St. Cecile Lodge No. 568

St. Cecile lodge began when 12 members of the Grand Lodge of New York presented a petition to the then Deputy Grand Master of New York, Robert D. Holmes. At the time the 12 brothers were seeking to do something virtually unheard of in Freemasonry. They wanted to create a daylight lodge. The initial brothers involved were all musicians and were not able to meet at night as their profession prohibited it.

92. Frank Swett Black

Frank Swett Black was an American news paper editor, lawyer and politician.

93. John Jacob Astor

John Jacob Astor was a German-born American businessman.

94. Swedish Rite

The Swedish Rite is a branch of Freemasonry found in Scandinavia (Sweden, Denmark, Norway), Germany (1 of the 5 Grand Lodges in Germany), Iceland and in some lodges in Finland.

95. William Claude Dukenfield

William Claude Dukenfield (a.k.a. W. C. Fields) was an American comedic actor and entertainer.

96. John Gutzon de la Mothe Borglum

John Gutzon de la Mothe Borglum was an American sculptor.

97. Caleb P. Bennett

Caleb P. Bennett was an American politician and solider.

98. George Canning

George Canning was an British politician.

99. Thomas Michael Holt

Thomas Michael Holt was an American industrialist and politician.

100. Frederick FitzClarence

Frederick FitzClarence was a British Army Officer.

101. Thurgood Marshall

Thurgood Marshall was an American jurist.

102. Henry Howard Molyneux Herbert, 4th Earl of Carnarvon

Henry Howard Molyneux Herbert, 4th Earl of Carnarvon was a British politician.

103. Richard Parks Bland

Richard Parks Bland was an American politician.

104. Anti-Freemasonry

Anti-Freemasonry, sometimes Anti-Masonry, generally falls into three categories. These are political, religious and conspiracy.

105. James Francis Byrnes

James Francis Byrnes was an American politician.

106. John Archer Lejeune

John Archer Lejeune was a member the United States Marine Corps.

107. Edward Ferdinand Arn

Edward Ferdinand Arn was an American politician.

108. John L.

John L. Bates is an American politician and lawyer.

109. Theodric Romeyn Beck

Theodric Romeyn Beck was an American physician and author.

110. Charles Edward Bennett

Charles Edward Bennett was an American politician.

111. Thomas Bennett, Jr.

Thomas Bennett, Jr. was an American politician.

112. Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America and a polymath, a person who is recognized as an expert in multiple fields.

113. Johann Joachim

Johann Joachim Bellermann was an German theology professor at Berlin University and a Hebraist (the scholar of the Hebrew language).

114. Grover Cleveland Alexander

Grover Cleveland Alexander was an American baseball player.

115. Donald Jay "Don" Rickles

Donald Jay "Don" Rickles was an actor and comedian.