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1. John Hunt Morgan

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1. The Morgan Affair

The Morgan affair begins with William Morgan. Morgan was a captain during the War of 1812. After the war, Morgan, who was in his 40's, married 19 year old Lucinda Pendelton in Richmond Virginia. The couple had two children.

2. John Hunt

John Hunt Morgan was a Confederate General during the American Civil War.

3. The Anti-Masonic Party

The Anti-Masonic Party, sometimes Movement, was the first successful third party in American history.

4. Ely Samuel Parker

Ely Samuel Parker was a Seneca tribal leader, lawyer and engineer.

5. John Branch, Jr

John Branch, Jr was an American politician.

6. William Taylor Barry

William Taylor Barry was an American politician.

7. Count Alessandro di Cagliostro

Count Alessandro di Cagliostro was an Italian adventurer and occultist.