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1. Anti-Freemasonry

Anti-Freemasonry, sometimes Anti-Masonry, generally falls into three categories. These are political, religious and conspiracy.

2. The Anti-Masonic Party

The Anti-Masonic Party, sometimes Movement, was the first successful third party in American history.

3. Freemasonry V. Catholicism

Freemasonry and Catholicism have had a bad relationship for many centuries. The purpose of this article is not to place "blame" for these issues, it is merely to make them known, there is already too much hate in the world.

4. Ahiman Rezon

The Ahiman Rezon is the book of Constitutions for the Antient Grand Lodge of England.

5. Augustus Le Plongeon

Augustus Le Plongeon was a British-American photographer and antiquarian.

6. Ancients v. Moderns

The issue of the Ancients v. Moderns is an important part of Masonic history.

7. Isaac Chapman Bates

Isaac Chapman Bates was an American politician.

8. Christopher Michael Wren

Christopher Michael Wren was a British architect.

9. James Conner

James Conner was an American lawyer and Confederate soldier.

10. William Preston

William Preston was a Scottish Masonic Scholar.

11. Samuel Emery Adams

Samuel Emery Adams was an American politician.

12. John Sidney "Slew" McCain Sr.

John Sidney "Slew" McCain Sr. was an American naval officer.

13. John McLean

John McLean was an American Supreme Court Justice.

14. John Archer Lejeune

John Archer Lejeune was a member the United States Marine Corps.

15. The Morgan Affair

The Morgan affair begins with William Morgan. Morgan was a captain during the War of 1812. After the war, Morgan, who was in his 40's, married 19 year old Lucinda Pendelton in Richmond, Virginia. The couple had two children.

16. William Leete Stone Sr.

William Leete Stone Sr. was an American writer and journalist.

17. Grand Lodge of Vermont is in Session

The work to form the Grand Lodge of Vermont began before Vermont became a part of the United States. At the time the discussions began to form a Grand Lodge, Vermont was not even a Republic yet. Vermont would become an independent republic in 1777.

18. Thomas Taylour,

Thomas Taylour, Earl of Becktive was a British peer and politician.

19. Dewitt Clinton

Dewitt Clinton was an American politician.

20. Cassius Marcellus Clay

Cassius Marcellus Clay was an American politician and abolitionist.