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William Bizzell is born

Today in Masonic history the William Bennett Bizzell is born in 1876.

William Bennett Bizzell was a president of three higher education institutions.

Bizzell was born on October 14th, 1876.

Bizzell received multiple degrees from Baylor University, a law degree from the University of Illinois and a Ph. D. from Columbia University.

Bizzell started his career in education as the Superintendent of Schools for Navasota, Texas.

In 1910 Bizzell would become the president of College of Industrial Arts, later to be renamed to Texas Woman's University.

In 1914 Bizzell would become president of the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas.

In 1926 Bizzell would head to the University of Oklahoma to become the 5th president of the institution. He would hold the president position for 15 years. Bizzell made many changes to the structure of the university, including infrastructure, the library system and the construction of new facilities on the campus.