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Paul Bert is born

Today in Masonic history Paul Bert is born in 1833.

Paul Bert is a French zoologist, physiologist and politician. He is sometimes given the nickname "Father of Aviation Medicine".

Bert's classical work La Pression barometrique which was published in 1878 embodies much of his work. It largely focuses on the affects of air pressure both above and below normal. The research had won him the biennial prize of 20,000 francs three years before the book was published.

Some of the research Bert focused on was the toxicity of oxygen on the nervous system, which is often referred to the "Paul Bert effect".

Bert would also show that oxygen was toxic to insects, arachnids, fungi, germinating seeds, birds, other animals and a variety of other living organisms.

Bert also studied the effects of a variety of things on the physiology of animal tissue including poisons, anesthetics, respiration and asphyxia. He also studied the physiology of vegetables.

Later in life Bert would publish educational text books.