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TODAY in Masonic History:

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The White Aproned Brothers

Today in Masonic History we present The White Aproned Brothers by Rob Morris.

Come, cease from your labors,
Ye white-aproned neighbors,
And answer my words-
Tell us who are ye?
"We are friends of humanity,
Hating profanity,
Spurning all vanity,
Children of Peace-
Men who can feel
All our own need of kindness,
And bless the Great God,
Who hath lightened our blindness."

Tell us, what do ye?
"By precept, example,
We're building a temple,
Fair, lofty and ample,
For Him whom we serve-
Followlng the plans
That our Master doth give us,
And amply repaid
When His servants receive us."

And what do you work with?
"The Gauge and the Gavel,
The Plumb, Sqnare, and Level,
And then as we travel,
The Trowel we hold-
Skillfully these,
As first we're Inducted-
Obediently these,
In the way we're Instructed."

Your timbers, what are they?
"The blocks that we qurry,
The timbers so heavy,
Our hands shape and carry,
Those ashlars are MEN;
Rough ashlars they are-
But hewed, marked and garnished,
By precepts divine,
Our task will be finished."

Your resting, when is it?
"We look for no leisure,
We sigh for no pleasure,
We covet no treasure,
Till Saturday night
Wages and joys,
And a rest without breaking,
Wait for us then,
In the home that we're seeking."

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