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We currently have two levels of sponsorship. For both levels we have a limited number of spaces available. Below is a description of each sponsorship package with the pricing. The cost of the package is for impressions, there is no Pay-per-Click option. All packages are monthly.

Level 1Website. (Limit of 72 ads are available) This gives you a 300px wide by 250px high ad to advertise your product or service. The ad will be displayed on a rotating basis with all of the other ads that are currently running on our site. The ad will be a link for your site. We will only accept images for the ad. No coding of any kind will be accepted. Image must reside on Today in Masonic History servers. The cost of this ad space is $150.00 per month.

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Level 2Social and Website. (Limit of 28 ads are available) This level includes everything in Level 1 plus a social media component. Today in Masonic History will mention your company or organization on our Facebook page, Twitter Account and Google+ page once per month. The day that you are mentioned will vary from month to month. We will accept special requests for a special date on a first come, first serve basis. We will not double post or stack two sponsors on the same day. Requests must be received prior to the end of the previous month. Post information should be no more than 140 characters long to accommodate Twitter posts. The cost of this ad space is $225 per month.

Become a Level 2 Sponsor

Today in Masonic History does not provide any services for creating ads for the website or copy for your post, beyond the default post, if you purchase a Level 2 ad.

Ad restrictions and information:

  • Default Social Media post is: Check out <Your Company/Organization Name>. Proud sponsor of Today in Masonic History <Your URL>
  • Please see our Terms of Service for additional details.