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John William Abercrombie Passes Away

Today in Masonic History John William Abercrombie passes away in 1940.

John William Abercrombie was an American politician.

Abercrombie was born in St. Clair County, Alabama on May 17th, 1866. He attended local rural schools and eventually graduated from Oxford College in Alabama. He went on to receive a law degree from the University of Alabama, graduating in 1888. That same year he was admitted to the bar.

Between 1888 and 1898, Abercrombie held a variety of positions. Initially he opened a legal practice in Cleburne County which he had for two years. He was also a high school principal , city school superintendent and a college president.

In 1896, Abercrombie was elected to the Alabama state Senate in which he served one two year term. In 1898 he was elected as the state superintendent of education serving until 1902. From 1902 to 1911 he served as the President of the University of Alabama.

In 1912, Abercrombie was elected to the United States House of Representatives serving from 1913 to 1917. After Congress he went on to become Solicitor and Acting Secretary in the United States Department of Labor. He would leave the Department of Labor in 1920 when he was elected the Superintendent of Education in Alabama.

Abercrombie passed away on July 2nd, 1940.

Abercrombie was a mason and a member of the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite. At this time his actual lodge affiliation is not known.