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Richard Alsop is Born

Today in Masonic History Richard Alsop is born in 1761.

Richard Alsop was an American writer.

Alsop was born in Middletown, Connecticut. He would live much of his life there. He was born into a merchant family although would not do much as a merchant.

Alsop would produce many writings, few would be seen by the public. Largely he would translate books from French or Italian.

Alsop was a member of the literary group Hartford Wits. A group of young 18th century writers from Yale formed the group. The writings generated from the group were largely satirical about current events and politics of the time.

Although Alsop's writings were popular among his peers and acquaintances the only two items he contributed to that had any popularity were Political Green House, which he contributed some verse, and Echo. Echo is a collection of satirical writings that were re-writes of news articles of the time. It was the intention to show news writers of the time were too interested in the minor details of the story and too interested in the rules of the day.

Alsop was a member of St. John's Lodge No. 2 in Middletown, Connecticut.