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Henry Clarence Baldridge is Born

Today in Masonic History Henry Clarence Baldridge is born in 1868.

Henry Clarence Baldridge, also known as H.C. Baldridge was an American politician.

Baldridge was born in Carlock, Illinois on November 24, 1868. He would attend local public schools in his youth. He would graduate from Illinois Wesleyan University. After graduating from Wesleyan he would teach school for a time.

In 1904, Baldridge and his family, he married Cora A. McCreighton in 1893, moved to Parma, Idaho. In Idaho, Baldridge worked in the mercantile trade. He would later work in implements and hardware. He would also become the president of the local bank.

In 1911, Baldridge entered the state legislature after being elected to the Idaho House of Representatives. He would serve one term. In 1913, he would be elected into the Idaho Senate, again only serving one term.

In 1922, Baldridge was elected as the 15th lieutenant Governor of Idaho. He would serve two terms as lieutenant Governor.

In 1926 Baldridge would be elected the 14th Governor of Idaho. Under his administration he would warn against the dangers of expanding public building programs. At the same time he would make significant additions to the University of Idaho in Moscow. He would also build state highways using income from a state gasoline tax.

Baldridge left office in January of 1931. He would return to various business interests he had before running for public office.

In 1942, Baldridge would attempt to run for Congress. Unfortunately he would lose to the five time incumbent. In 1943 he would be appointed to the position of Commissioner of Charitable Returns, serving until 1945.

Baldridge's wife would pass away in 1942. In 1947 at the age of 78, Baldridge, who appeared to be in good health, would pass away from a cerebral hemorrhage.

Baldridge was a member of Parma Lodge No. 49 in Parma, Idaho.