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Frank A. Moore is Born

Today in Masonic History Frank A. Moore is born in 1844.

Frank A. Moore was an American jurist.

Moore was born on November 5th, 1844 in Ellsworth, Maine. He attended local public schools until graduated from High School. After graduating he moved to Iowa Falls, Iowa where he enrolled in the state normal school, which provided instruction for those wanting to become teachers. From 1871 to 1875 he was the superintendent of schools for Hardin County, Iowa. During that same time he also read law there and would pass the bar exam in 1874. After passing the bar he opened a private practice.

In 1877, Moore moved to St. Helens, Oregon. He was not admitted to the Oregon Bar until 1879. He opened a private practice which he kept open until 1884 when he was elected as a judge for Columbia county. In 1888 he was elected as a state Senator in the Oregon State Legislature. He served two, two year terms as a state Senator.

In 1892, Moore was elected to the Oregon State Supreme Court. He served on the court for 26 years. During his time on the court he served four separate times as Chief Justice.

On September 25th, 1918 Moore passed away while still serving on the Oregon Supreme Court.

Moore was a member of St. Helens Lodge No. 32 in St. Helens, Oregon. He served as Worshipful Master of his lodge from 1883 to 1885. He served as Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Oregon in 1892. He also served as the Right Eminent Grand Commander of the Grand Commandery of Oregon in 1900.