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TODAY in Masonic History:

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Our 2020 Christmas Message

Today in Masonic History we present our 2020 Christmas message.

On this special day we take the opportunity to talk about Freemasonry and it's role in the world.

For the last two years I have started our Christmas Message with "Daily we seem to be living in a world spiraling out of control. From natural disasters to violence against the innocent it is hard to imagine a time or a place when this wasn't the case." This statement was true in the two preceding years, although most true in 2020. In this past year we have seen death on a global scale, families torn apart and lives forever changed. Those lucky enough to recover from the virus still may see unknown effects from their illness. Most of us have spent the majority of 2020 locked away from the outside world, with only video chats for contact.

As dark as this picture is, it also brings opportunity for everyone, mason or not, to make the world a better place. We all have neighbors in need of a friendly smile as we stand distant from therm. Elderly neighbors especially may need help getting groceries, as they are nervous about venturing into public.

We also are seeing turbulent times politically in many countries. Recently I read a thread on social media where masons were questioning why we don't take the lead and the subject of not discussing politics in lodge entered the mix. While we as masons can discuss politics outside of lodge it is in the social discourse surrounding politics and government policies we can take the lead. A Past Grand Master of my state attended a conference for Grand Masters and one of the speakers used the phrase "We can disagree, it is not okay to be disagreeable." The concept of not discussing politics in our meeting is to keep harmony in our lodges. At the same time we need to allow it to train us, to remember friendly disagreement is acceptable, personal attacks on political or other grounds is not acceptable. We as masons need to remember, regardless of religious preference, the idea of the 11th commandment Jesus gave us "I give unto you a new commandment, to love one another."

As masons we need to remember this in the community at large, in the same way we remember it with our brothers who frustrate us or we disagree with on matters of the lodge. We have an obligation in masonry to extend the idea of brotherly love outside our brothers and into the community as a whole. Agreeing with another person on every point, political or otherwise, can never happen. Accepting them in the love which Jesus taught is very possible. This does not mean acquiescing, it means choosing our words carefully to not further enflame the disagreement, it means providing a civil discourse in all matters. We as masons and as human being need to strive to achieve this lofty goal. We as masons hold an advantage, in better times we attend a space where we can practice this high virtue in a microcosm of society, so we can take the skill into the world and set an example by showing tolerance for the beliefs and opinions of others, making the world safer and brighter.

In this season of peace, regardless of your religion or affiliation with the masonic fraternity, I hope you find a way to let forgiveness in your heart and make room for those who are in need of the miracle of generosity and kindness. More than ever the World needs our efforts in this endeavor.

I hope everyone who reads this has a Merry Christmas and celebrates the idea of peace on Earth and goodwill toward ALL man kind.

This article provided by Brother Eric C. Steele.