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Salaam Aleikam

Today in Masonic History we present Salaam Aleikam by Robert Morris.

The term Salaam Aleikum, also written As-Salaam-Alaikum, was a common greeting in the Nation of Islam. It translates to "Peace be unto you." There is also the similar Wa-Alaikum-Salaam which means "And unto you Peace."

Once, when a sorrowing group was met
To weep their lord and master slain,
While every eye with tears was wet
And every tongue made sad refrain;
Jeane Himself among them stood,
And "peace be with you," said the Lord.

Now may your humble craftsman say
Those words, so sweet, so sanctified!
Yea, for no other words portray
The sacred bonds around him tied;
Hear then the message, as I call
Salaam Aleikam, one and all!

Salaam Aleikam, peace to you
Who Square adorns and marks the East;
Though brightest honors are your due
Peace in the Lodge you prize the best!
Oh, let that Gavel never cease
Out of confusion to bring peace!

Salaam Aleikam, peace to you.
Whose Level glitters in the West;
Your task at evening's close, you know,
When weary craftsmen go to rest,
To give each laborer release,
His wages pay, and part in peace!
Salaam Aleikam, peace to you
Whose Plumb denotes the glowing South,
Where pleasure spreads her rosy hue,
And social joy combines with truth;
The bond of Temperance ne'er release,
But make Refreshment yield to Peace.

Salaam Aleikam, peace to all
Good friends and true, around the Lodge,
Whatever fortune may befall,
Be this the sentence of the judge,
"In love and peace to pass away .
And sleep beneath the Acacia spray!"

And when life's Imagery shall fail,
And closing eyes and ears no more
Tell of the friends we loved so well,
And in our hearts their memories wake,
May the Great Master from His throne
Say, "Peace be with you every one!"