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Donald Wolfit Passes Away

Today in Masonic History Donald Wolfit passes away in 1968.

Donald Wolfit was a British actor-manager.

Wolfit was born, Donald Woolfitt, April 20th 1902 in New Balderton, Nottinghamshire, England.

Wolfit appeared in his first play at the age of 18. By 1924 he was appearing in the West End. His first play in the West End was The Wandering Jew.

In 1936 Wolfit would come into his own when he appeared in Hamlet at the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre. Afterward he would try to convince investors to provide him with the funding to create a touring show throughout the provinces. They declined, so in 1937, Wolfit withdrew his own money and started his own touring company.

Wolfit was most well known for portraying King Lear and Richard III.

Wolfit's touring company performed during the Battle of Britain. During the war they would stage abridged versions of Shakespearean plays for lunchtime audiences.

After the war, Wolfit took his touring company to the United States where they were not as well received.

Although Wolfit was primarily a stage actor, he would appear in several films as well. He would also do work for BBC, both television and radio.

Wolfit was initiated into Newark Lodge No. 1661, the same lodge as his father. He later became a member of Green Room Lodge and was the Worshipful Master of the lodge in 1965.