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Mariano Ponce is Born

Today in Masonic History Mariano Ponce is born in 1863.

Mariano Ponce was a Fillipino doctor and revolutionary.

Ponce was born in Buliwag, Bulacan. There he would complete his primary education. He would go on to Colegio de San Juan de Letran, a Roman Catholic learning instituation that was founded in 1620. After Colegio de San Juan de Letran, Ponce enrolled in the University of Santo Tomas to study medicine. In 1881 he traveled to Spain to continue his studies at Unversidad Central de Madrid.

In 1881 while living in Spain, Ponce joined with Marcelo Del Pilar, Graciano López Jaena, José Rizal and other Propagandists in the anti-Spaniard movement. The goal of the Propagandists was to bring awareness to Spain of the need for reforms regrading representation for the Phillipines in the Spanish Cortes and the Spansih colonial authorities of the Phillipines.

With Graciano López Jaena, Ponce co-founded La Solidaridad which sought to bring awarness in Spain of the needs of it's colonies. They also produced a newspaper with the same name. In the paper Ponce would write stories of history, travel, politics and sociology. When publishing his stories he would give himself many aliases. Two of the aliases he would use were Kalipulako which was one of the names that Lapu-Lapu was known by and Tikbalang a creature from Phillipine folklore.

Lapu-Lapu is believed to have been the first person in the Phillipines to have resited the Spanish and is presumed to have killed Ferdinand Magellan. The Tikbalang was a creature that lived in the mountains with a distored body and was part animal, genreally a horse, that would lead travelers astray.

In 1896 when the revolution in the Phillipines broke out, Ponce was imprisoned fro 48 hours. After he was released he fled to Hong Kong via France. In Hong Kong he would join Fillipinos and Fillipino-Chinese to form the International front of the revolution.

In 1898, Emilio Aguinaldo chose Ponce to represent the First Phillipine Republic. He was tasked to put together the framework of the revolutionary Government. He was also sent to Japan as a representative of the First Repbulic to Japan. There he met the first president of the Chinese Republic and was able to buy arms for the revolution. Unfortuantely the weapons were lost off the coast of Formosa in a typhoon.

Back in Manilla, Ponce established "El Ideal" (the Perfect), the official organization of the National Party. He would later run for and be elected to a seat in the Phillipine Assembley.

Ponce passed away on May 23, 1918 in the Government Civil Hospital in Hong Kong.

Ponce was a member of Logia Revoluccion and Logia Solidaridad No. 53 under the Gran Oriente Español. He would also recieve his 33°.