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William Rufus Blake Passes Away

Today in Masonic History William Rufus Blake passes away in 1863.

William Rufus Blake was a Canadian stage actor.

Blake was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia during 1805. He was baptized on December 5th, 1805.

Blake first went on stage in Nova Scotia when he was only 17. Playing the part of the Prince of Wales in Shakespeare's Richard III with a company of strolling players.

Two years later Blake was on Stage in New York. A few years later he was in Boston, where he would be the first actor in America to receive a "call before the curtain" (curtain call).

In 1839 Blake traveled to England where he made an appearance in the Haymarket Theatre in London.

Blake at various points in his career Blake was a Stage Manager in Philadelphia, Boston and New York City. He also at various times was the manager of the Pearl Street Theater in Albany, New York.

In 1863 Blake fell ill while portraying Sir Peter Teazle in School for Scandal. He would pass away the next day on April 22nd, 1863.

Blake was a member of Independent Royal Arch Lodge No. 2 in New York City, New York.