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Scott Leavitt is Born

Today in Masonic History Scott Leavitt is born in 1879.

Scott Leavitt was an American politician.

Leavitt was born in Elk Rapids, Michigan. His father was a Civil War veteran serving in a regiment from his home state of Maine. Growing up Leavitt went to the local schools in Michigan. In High School Leavitt enlisted during the Spanish-American war. He would serve in the campaign at Santiago, Cuba. After returning to Michigan from the war Leavitt attended the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor.

In 1901, Leavitt would move to Oregon. There he would be the principal in schools in four different towns until 1907. In 1907, Leavitt entered the United States Forest Service as a Ranger. He would serve the Forest Service in Oregon, Minnesota and Montana until 1917.

In 1922, Leavitt would run for the United States House of Representatives from Montana. It would begin a decade of service in the House of Representatives, he would win re-election 4 times before being defeated in the Democratic landslide of 1932. He would attempt to run for United States Senate in 1934 in a special election. Despite winning in the primary he was defeated in a landslide in the general election.

In 1932, Leavitt as a member of the House Committee on Indian Affairs, took the floor to deliver the Eulogy for Chief Plenty Coups. Of Plenty Coups, Leavitt would say, "His was one of the finest characters I have ever known.... He was a man of such caliber and such high character, and his service was so outstanding, that it is entirely fitting that the American Congress should pause for a moment to do him reverence."

After Leavitt's failed attempt to be elected to the United States Senate he returned to the United States Forest Service in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He would also serve as the Commander-in-Chief of the United Spanish War Veterans from 1936 to 1937.

Leavitt would pass away on October 19th, 1966.

Leavitt was a member of Delta Lodge No. 128 in Great Falls, Montana.

This article provided by Brother Eric C. Steele.