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Percy Bryant Baker is Born

Today in Masonic History Percy Bryant Baker is Born in 1881.

Percy Bryant Baker was a British-born American sculptor.

Baker was born in London, England. He would be the third generation of sculptor. His father and grandfather both worked as sculptors on Westminster Abbey. Baker would study sculpting at the City and Guild Technical Institute and later the Royal Academy of Arts, graduating from the Royal Academy in 1910. He would apprentice under his father and would carve Gothic Statues for Beverly Minster and decorative elements for the Victoria and Albert Museum.

In 1910, Baker was commissioned by Queen Alexandra to sculpt a bust of Edward VII. She was so impressed with Baker's work that she commissioned him to design a life size statue of Edward VII. She would later commission Baker to make a bust of the 9 year old Prince Olaf of Norway.

In 1916, Baker emigrated to the United States, becoming a full United States citizen in 1923. He would immediately enlist in the United States Army and would serve during World War I in Army Hospitals. He would craft artificial limbs and facemasks for wounded soldiers.

In 1928, Baker won a competition for $100,000 to create a statue honoring pioneering women of the American Old West. In 1930, his 27 foot tall and 12,000 pound statue titled, Pioneer Woman was unveiled in Ponaca City, Oklahoma. It would become his best known work.

In 1957, Baker was elected into the National Academy of Design as an associate member, becoming a full member in 1959.

Baker would pass away on March 29th, 1970 in New York City, New York due to unspecified causes. After his passing his studio was purchased and it's contents moved to Ponaca City, Oklahoma. There the study contents, along with copies of his work are on display in the Ponaca City Cultural Center.

Baker was a member of Constitutional Lodge No. 294 in Beverly, Yorkshire, England.