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TODAY in Masonic History:

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One Hour with You

Today in Masonic History we present One Hour with You by Rob Morris.

One hour with you, one hour with yon,
No doubt, nor care, nor strife,
Redeems a day of sin and woe,
And gives new zest to life.
One hour with you, and you, and you,
Bright links In mystic chain-
Oh may we oft these joys renew,
And often meet again!

Your eyes with love's own language free-
Your hand-grip, strong and true,
Your voice, your heart, do welcome me
To spend an hour with you.

I come, when morning skies are bright,
To work my Mason's due-
To labor is my chief delight,
And spend an hour with you.

I go when evening gilds the west,
I breathe the fond adieu,
But hope again, by fortune blest,
To spend an hour with you.

And if perchance the page is closed
On which my life is given.
I would beseech the Mason's God
That we may meet In Heaven!
In Heaven with you, and you, and you.
To join the blissful strain ;
Oh may we there these joys renew
And meet in Heaven again!