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Otto Kruger is Born

Today in Masonic History Otto Kruger is born in 1885.

Otto Kruger was an American actor.

Kruger was born on September 6th, 1885 in Toledo, Ohio. By the age of 15 he had made his Broadway debut. He would quickly become a matinée idol.

Kruger became involved in the fledgling movie industry and in the 1930's his career started to hit it's heights. He appeared in numerous films. Occasionally he would play the hero, mostly he was the villain or a charming or corrupt businessman. One of his best known roles is in the Magnificent Obsession. In the film he plays a supporting character to the star Rock Hudson. The story centers around Hudson's character Merrick, who inadvertently causes the death of a well like local doctor. Kruger's character is a close friend of the Doctors and becomes a friend to Merrick who is troubled until, Kruger's character shows him the error of his ways. He also appeared in the Alfred Hitchcock movie Saboteur.

In the late 1950's and 1960's Kruger appeared on a variety of television shows. Most notably he appeared on four different episodes of Perry Mason. He played a different character in each episode. Two of the episodes he played a client of Perry Mason.

Krueger received two stars on the Hollywood walk of fame. One for movies, the other for television.

Krueger passed away on his birthday on September 6th, 1974. At the age of 89.

Krueger was a member of St. Cecile Lodge No. 568 in New York City, New York.