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James A.

 Born November 19, 1831 - Died September 19, 1881

James A. Garfield was an American politician.

Garfield served as the 20th President of the united states. Prior to becoming President he served 9 consecutive terms in the U.S. House of Representatives starting in 1863.

Garfield's term only lasted 200 days, he died in office as the result of a gun shot wound received in July of 1881. The shot was fired by Charles J. Guiteau, a man who family members had to have committed several years early. Guiteau believed he was directly responsible for Garfield's election into the presidency and demanded to be rewarded with a diplomatic posting. When his efforts failed to get him, what he felt, was his just reward he decided that God wanted him to assassinate Garfield.

During Garfield's short term as president he advocated for a bi-metal monetary system, an educated electorate and civil rights for African-Americans. Garfield appointed several African-Americans to prominent posts.

Garfield's short term also had it's controversies. He by-passed Senatorial Courtesy, a practice in the United States where the President consults the highest ranking senator of his party from a state where a federal appointment is being made.

James A. Garfield belonged to several lodges in Ohio.

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