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1. Thomas Smith Webb

Thomas Smith Webb was an American author and founder of the York or American Rite.

2. Freemasonry on Film

Freemasonry has appeared both accurately and fictitiously in film since the early days of the genre.

3. Knights Templar are Arrested

The Knights Templar, also known as the Poor Knights of Christ, was a monastic order. They were also known as fighting monks.

4. Pope Clement V

Pope Clement V was a French Pope in the fourteenth century A.D.

5. Andrew Michael Ramsay

Andrew Michael Ramsay was a Scottish-born writer.

6. The Knight Templar at Rest

Resting in calm repose, The fiercest blast that blows And bows yon sturdy oaks on Bashan's height, Can yield no influence here;- For many and many a year Hath "slept In Jesus" this our stalwart Knight: While rust corrodes his cross-hilted sword, The toll-spent Templar rests before the Lord.