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George Murray, 6th Duke of Atholl was born

Today in Masonic history George Augustus Frederick John Murray, 6th Duke of Atholl was born in 1814.

George Augustus Frederick John Murray was peer and a British Army officer.

Murray served in the British Army as a lieutenant in the 2nd Dragoon Guard in 1840. Prior to his retirement he became Baron of Glenlyon in 1837. Shortly after in 1839 he formed the Atholl Highlanders his personal bodyguards.

In 1844 Queen Victoria visited Blair castle. The Atholl Highlanders was the guard for the Queen for his visit. She was so impressed with the Atholl Highlanders that she ordered them to receive colours, making them officially a British Regiment.

In 1853 Murray was awarded the Knight of the Thistle, an order of chivalry associated with Scotland. The sovereign alone grants membership in the order. The order consists of 16 knights and ladies and several additional knights, generally made up of the British Royal Family and foreign monarchs.

George Murray was the 66th Grand Master of Scotland 1843-1863. He also was the Grand Master of England from 1843 until his death in January of 1864.