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Henry A. Barnum is Born

Today in Masonic history Henry A. Barnum is born in 1833.

Henry A. Barnum was a an American Army officer during the American Civil War.

Barnum was a part of many battles and campaigns during the Civil war. Wounded several times, the worst was in July of 1862. During the battle he was shot through the left ilium. That type of wound was considered mortal during the Civil War era. Barnum was left on the battlefield and subsequently he fell into the enemies hands. He eventually was able to rejoin the Union lines and was promoted to Colonel.

Later in the war he would be wounded again at the Battle of Lookout Mountain. This wound was not life threatening. It would take him out of combat though. He was dispatched by Major General George H. Thomas to convey the flags captured by Barnum's regiment and several other regiments to the war department in Washington. At the time Barnum would not be recognized for his efforts. In July of 1889 he would receive the Medal of Honor for his efforts in the battle and conveying the captured flags to Washington.

Barnum was a member of Syracuse Lodge No. 102, Syracuse, New York.