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TODAY in Masonic History:

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The Foundation-Stone

Today in Masonic History we present The Foundation-Stone by Rob Morris.

When the SPIRIT came to Jephthah,
Animating his great heart,
He arose, put on bis armor,
Girt his loins about to part,
Bowed the knee, Implored a blessing,
Gave an earnest of his faith,
Then, divinely-strung, departed,
Set for victory or death.

If a rude, uncultured soldier
Thus drew Wisdom from above,
How should we, enlightened Laborers,
Children of the Sire of Love.
How should we, who know "the Wisdom
Gentle, pure, and peaceable,"
Make a prayerful preparation
That our work be square and full!

Lo, the future! One can read it,
He its darkest chance can bend;
Lo, our wants, how great, how many!
He abundant means can lend;
Raise your hearts then, Pilgrims, boldly
Build and journey in His trust;
Square your deeds bf precepts holy,
And the end ls surely blest.

Vainly will the builders labor
If the Overseer is gone;
Vainly gate and well arc guarded
If the All-Seeing is withdrawn;
Only is successful ending
When the work's begun with care;
Lay your blocks, then, Laborers, strongly,
On the Eternal Rock of Prayer.