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Clarendon Lamb Worrell Passes Away

Today in Masonic History Clarendon Lamb Worrell passes away in 1934.

Clarendon Lamb Worrell is a Canadian minister in the Anglican Church of Canada.

Worrell was born in Smith's Falls, Ontario on July 20th, 1853. He received his early education at Smith's Falls schools. At the age of 17 he attended Trinity College School at Port Hope. In 1873 he graduated from University of Trinity College with honors.

In September of 1873, Worrell began teaching at Bishop's College School as the mathematics master. He left the position after two years for a position at Helmuth College, London, Ontario. He went on to teach at two other schools before returning to Trinity College for Divinity School in 1878.

In 1881, Worrell was ordained a deacon by the Bishop of Ontario. He was appointed to curate Christ Church in Gananoque, Ontario. He served there only a year before moving on to a church in Brockville. He moved around over the next 9 years and was connected with various churches around Ontario.

In 1891, Worrell became rector of a church in Kingston, Ontario. He also served as the professor of English Literature at the Royal Military College of Canada.

In 1901, Worrell was appointed the Archdeacon of Ontario.

In 1904, Worrell was elected the Bishop of Nova Scotia.

In 1931, Worrell was elected as the Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada by unanimous election. This made him the head of the Anglican Church of Canada. He held the position until 1934, when on August 10th of the same year he passed away from a prolonged four week illness.

Worrell was a Freemason belonging to a lodge in Gananoque, Ontario where he was the master of the lodge. He also served as the Chaplain of the Grand Lodge of Canada in the province of Ontario.

This article provided by Brother Eric C. Steele.