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Goswin Joseph Augustin, Baron de Stassart Passes Away

Today in Masonic History Goswin Joseph Augustin, Baron de Stassart passes away in 1854.

Goswin Joseph Augustin, Baron de Stassart was a Dutch-Belgian politician.

Stassart was born on September 2nd, 1780. He studied accounting and economics in Paris.

In 1804, Stassart took the first of several positions in the French government. The first position was the Auditor in the French State Council. In 1805 he became the Intendant of Tirol. In 1810, he became Prefect of the Department of Vaucluse and in 1811 Prefect of Estuaries of the Meuse.

Starting in 1807, Stassart served in the French Army in Prussia.

After the second Austrian restoration, Stassart lived on his estate near Namur in Southern Belgium. In 1822, the city sent him to the parliament of the Netherlands. In parliament he would side with the opposition.

In 1830, the Belgian Revolution began in Brussels. He along with other delegates from the southern provinces of Belgium were summoned to the Hague. He would return to Belgium in 1831. He would take up a position in the Provisional Government and participate in the National Congress whose primary duty was to establish a constitution. He would later serve in the Senate. He would serve for 7 sessions in parliament.

Stassart passed away on October 16th, 1854.

Shortly after the Belgian Revolution the Grand Orient of Belgium came into existence. Initially Leopold I of Belgium, who had supported the formation of the Grand Orient was asked to serve as the Serenest Grand Master. Leopold would decline, instead asking Stassart, one of this closest collaborators to take the position. Stassart had been initiated into the craft sometime around 1803. He affiliated with "Bonne Amitié" lodge in Namur around 1820. He would affiliate with "Les Amis philanthropes" Lodge sometime around 1835.