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TODAY in Masonic History:

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Quarry, Hill, and Temple

Today in Masonic History we present Quarry, Hill, and Temple by Rob Morris.

Thine in the Quarry, whence the stone
For mystic workmanship is drawn:
    On Jordan's shore,
    By Zarthan's plain,
Though faint and weary, thine alone
The gloomy mine knows not a ray,
The heavy toll exhausts the day,
    But love keeps bright
    The weary heart,
And sings, I'm thine without decay.

Thine on the Hill whose cedars roar
Their perfect form, and foliage fair:
    Each graceful shaft
    And deathless leaf,
Of Masons' love the emblems are.
Thine when a smile pervades the heaven,
Thine when the sky's with thunder riven,
    Each echo swells
    Throngh answering hills,
My Mason prayer, for thee 'tis, given.

Thine is the Temple, holy place,
Where silence reigns, the type of peace;
    With grip and sign,
    And mystic line,
My Mason's friendship I confess.
Each block we raise, that friendship grows,
Cemented firmly ne'er to loose;
    And when complete,
    The work we greet,
Thine in the joy my bosom knows.

Thine at the midnight in the cave,
Thine in floats upon the wave,

    By Joppa's hill,
    By Kedron 's rill,
And thine, when Sabbath rest we have.
Yes, yes, dear friend, my spirit saith,
I'm thine until and after death !
    No bounds control
    The Mason's soul
Cemented with a Mason's faith..