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Edward Neville da Costa Andrade is born

Today in Masonic History Edward Neville da Costa Andrade is born.

Edward Neville da Costa Andrade was a British physicist, poet and writer.

Andrade studied for his doctorate at the University of Heidelberg. After his time at the University of Heidelberg, Andrade conducted research with Ernest Rutherford in Manchester in 1914.

Andrade and Rutherford carried out experiments into the wavelengths of gamma-rays from radium. Their research was the first to quantitate gamma-rays and prove that their wavelength was shorter than the X-ray radiation known at the time.

During World War I Andrade enlisted in the Royal Artillery. After the war in 1920 Andrade became Professor of Physics at Ordnance College in Woolwich.

From 1928 until 1950 Andrade was Quain Professor of Physics at University College, London.

Andrade was also made the Fullerain Professor of Chemistry at the Royal Institution for three years. He resigned after a vote of no confidence by the Royal Institution's membership. The vote of no confidence was held due to Andrade's desire to reform the Royal Institution, an organization dedicated to scientific study.

Andrade was also a broadcaster with BBC Radio. He appeared on the show The Brains Trust over several decades.

Andrade was a member of Lodge Progresso No. 4 and was initiated in 1935.