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Ty Cobb has Major League Debut

Today in Masonic history Ty Cobb has his Major League debut with the Detroit Tigers in 1905.

Cobb is a legend in baseball. In the inaugural Baseball Hall of Fame ballot in 1936 he received the most votes of any inductee receiving 222 of the 226 possible votes.

Cobb set 90 Major League Records in his career some of which still stand today. Two of the still standing records include highest batting average and total number of batting titles.

Cobb's legacy as a baseball legend has at times been overshadowed by aspects of his personalty including his surly temperament, his over aggressive play on the field and racism. One member of the Detroit Press described Cobb's play on the field as "daring to the point of dementia."

Cobb was a member of Royston Lodge No. 426 in Detroit, Michigan.