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Michael Edward Adeane, Baron Adeane is Born

Today in Masonic history Michael Edward Adeane, Baron Adeane is born in 1910.

Michael Edward Adeane was the private Secretary to Queen Elizabeth II.

Adeane began work for the British Royal family with King George VI, Queen Elizabeth's father, in 1945 as the King's Assistant Personal Secretary. He would hold that post with King George until his passing in 1952. He would continue on in the post of Assistant Private Secretary under Queen Elizabeth.

In 1953 Adeane would be promoted to Private Secretary of Queen Elizabeth II. At that time he was admitted to the privy council as well.

In 1972 he was given a life peerage as Baron Adeane of Stamfordham in the county of Northumberland.

Adeane served as Grand Senior Deacon of the Grand Lodge of England.